MySQL Integration

Scaling MySQL for Complex Big Data Analytics

Infobright brings scalable big data analytics to the world’s most popular open source database. If your MySQL database is growing and ad-hoc query performance is suffering, Infobright can help.

  • Scale from terabytes to petabytes of data
  • Complex ad-hoc queries in seconds
  • Fast load speeds
  • Up to 40:1 data compression

The most flexible and cost effective way to improve ad-hoc query performance for big data analytics on MySQL

  • Industry standard interfaces that include ODBC, JDBC, C API, PHP, Visual Basic, Ruby, Perl and Python;
  • Comprehensive management services and utilities;
  • Connectivity with market leading BI tools such as Actuate/BIRT, Business Objects, Cognos, Microstrategy, Pentaho, Jaspersoft and SAS.

Do you need more information on how fast and easy it is to integrate your MySQL infrastructure with Infobright to achieve faster performance for complex ad-hoc queries on your big data sets?

Download our White Paper: Migrating MySQL to Infobright Enterprise Edition