Internet of Things

The Internet of Things – Smart cars, connected health, smart grids, smart cities – is NOW.  And with it comes a dramatic increase in the size and pace of data load factors with significant impacts on how data is collected, ingested, stored, and queried.

The pressure on enterprises to compete based on analytical maturity is greater now than ever. As data volume, flow, and complexity generated by IoT applications continues to grow, it will become imperative to leverage the utility value of this data as the IoT evolves.

Chicago and the Internet of Things

In March 2015, the Illinois Technology Association formed the ITA Internet of Things Council, a cross-disciplinary effort bringing together leaders from the technology industry and academia, as well as consumers and civic leaders, to collaborate towards driving the growth and use of Internet of Things technologies.

Watch the live interviews of CIO, City of Chicago’s Brenna Berman, CEO Don DeLoach, and VP of Technical Services Jeff Kibler, as they discuss how Infobright plays a role in the Internet of Things.

How to Drive Value from Your IoT Data

IoT device data is growing exponentially and the demand for always-on devices can put a huge strain on your infrastructure. However, it also offers many opportunities. According to Cisco, there is $14.4 trillion of IoT revenue at stake over the next decade.

Download this white paper to discover:

  • 5 keys to successful data management and IoT data analytics
  • How to capture IoT data to improve yields, extend your global reach, and boost sales
  • How to meet the data demands of your “always on” customers, so they can do business with you from any location and on any device
  • What to look for in an IoT platform provider
  • A structured approach to building a flexible infrastructure and turning your IoT data into actionable insights

Hear about the formation of the ITA Internet of Things Council and its objectives.

Where is the Internet of Things headed?  Don discusses challenges, opportunities, business models, and growth.

How is Infobright involved?  Jeff discusses the role of data in the IoT.

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