Infobright Enterprise Edition

Powered by the Knowledge Grid architecture, IEE is built for storing and analyzing large volumes of machine-generated data

Accelerate Data Analysis with Less Storage

High performance data analytics for better, faster business decisions at a low cost.


Compression rates

10 TB

Load speeds per hour

150 TB

Data storage per instance

0 hrs

Maintenance overhead

Master your data queries and reporting by embedding Infobright into your large scale data warehousing solutions.

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IEE PostgreSQL Version 5.0 Now Available

Leverage the power of Infobright with over 15 new natively supported functions.

The latest release of IEE PostgreSQL 5.0.1 is now available for download.  The new release adds sought after new functions around time manipulation as well as others to simplify working with Enterprise Edition.  Integrate with Data Load Processor (DLP) to stream data at lightning speeds.  Test drive IEE PostgreSQL to get faster query results.

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Migrating from MySQL

Scaling MySQL for Complex Big Data Analytics

Infobright brings scalable big data analytics to the world’s most popular database.
If your traditional databases are growing and ad hoc query performance is suffering, Infobright can help.

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Analytics built for
the Internet of Things


By many accounts, the Internet of Things holds the promise to change the world. However, it will definitely also change how most organizations architect their environment to accommodate IoT.  See how Infobright is getting involved in the Internet of Things and find out how to drive value from your IoT data.

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