Infobright’s analytics engine powers real-time insight for Polystar’s customers to improve revenues and reduce churn.

Infobright allows our customers to get access to their data in minutes and ask all the questions they have—in any way they want—to get to the results they need. Our customers greatly appreciate this powerful capability, especially since they don’t need to spend any time tuning or indexing. Internal users have access to this data quickly and automatically without the months of manual effort it used to take.”

Thomas Nilsson
CTO, Polystar


Infobright’s analytics engine powers real-time insight for Polystar’s customers to improve revenues and reduce churn.

Polystar is the premier supplier of service assurance, network monitoring and test solutions to leading telecom operators around the globe. The company delivers turnkey, end-to-end solutions from data capture to business analytics that give immediate value to network operators both on the operation and on the marketing side. Using Polystar’s ground-breaking Jupiter visualization application suite, telecom operators gain a holistic view of the different key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the customers’ experience. Jupiter delivers a three-dimensional view of performance data including VIP customer, device and network information. It grants users access to all possible perspectives, from a high-level view of the network and service performance all the way down to views of each individual subscriber in the network.

Polystar embeds Infobright within Jupiter to provide its customers real-time investigative analytics so they can discover actionable business insight to improve product development, marketing campaigns, customer support resolution and SLA root cause monitoring.

Business Challenge

“To gain a competitive edge, network operators need to fully exploit big data and use it to provide value-added and customized services to their end-customers,” Erik Couture, executive vice president for global sales and marketing at Polystar, recently noted to Global Telecoms Business. “Polystar’s systems capture billions of records every minute. That’s big data. It’s instant, it’s massive.” Polystar’s network probing systems record this data for all technology domains, such as 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. Jupiter transforms this data and makes it available in real time for telecom operators to slice and dice for business insight in order to drive new business, ensure customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

The rise of social networking, machine-to-machine services, location-based services, and mobile commerce have increased the velocity of volume growth, as well as providing unprecedented levels of detail on network and user behavior. Polystar was challenged to keep pace with this data growth.

We faced a lot of problems uploading and storing the growing amount of data we were collecting. As we approached a billion records a minute, MySQL, our current database, couldn’t handle it.”
Thomas Nilsson, Polystar’s Chief Technology Officer

Not only were data uploads far too slow and cumbersome, analytic queries often returned no results at all. Polystar needed a solution to meet their current needs, as well as scale to meet future needs as data volumes were expected to grow even faster.

Enter Infobright

After a short testing period, Polystar quickly realized that Infobright delivered the forward-thinking analytic capabilities they required for their Jupiter solution. Polystar selected the Infobright® Enterprise Edition because it delivered:

Fast upload. Infobright solved this challenge handily. Data was uploaded in near-real-time and made available for customer analytics within minutes. Infobright has continued to meet upload requirements, which allows Polystar system to write xDRs 4 times faster.

Compression. Infobright’s high compression, up to 10:1, allows Polystar to store data very efficiently using standard servers. This efficiency, besides providing significant cost savings, also helps customers compare current data to what has happened in the past. Each customer may have a different time window for comparison—up to 90 or even 180 days in some cases. With Infobright, Polystar can offer telecom operators the ability to analyze all collected data required in a very cost-effective hardware configuration.

Low-touch administration. Infobright combines a columnar database with a patented Knowledge Grid to deliver fast query response with unmatched administrative simplicity. The Knowledge Grid automatically generates statistical information about all data in all columns as data is loaded into the database. No indexing, partitioning, or manual tuning is required. Polystar customers benefit from this low-touch, low-maintenance solution in their IT environment.

Faster query performance. Infobright’s Knowledge Grid automatically generates statistical metadata when data is loaded. Infobright uses this information to eliminate or reduce the need to access data to respond to a query. In fact, some queries—including ad hoc queries—can be answered using only the information in the Knowledge Grid. This drastic reduction in I/O translates into very fast query performance. Queries which had failed to return any answers using MySQL are being answered within seconds using Infobright.

Investigative Analytics

Investigative Analytics Move the Needle From Network Monitoring to Customer Insight

When first introduced, Jupiter was used primarily for network monitoring by network engineering and operations departments. However, today, Jupiter is used throughout the organization from operations to marketing. As Nilsson observes, “It’s an exciting time. Our solutions quickly deliver all the information we collect to network and mobile operations so they can slice and dice the data to gain better insight into their subscriber base behavior.”

In fact, Frost and Sullivan awarded Polystar its Global Customer Value Enhancement Award in recognition of Polystar’s commitment to customer value enhancement. Examples of use cases for Jupiter include:

  • SLA monitoring
  • Customer care resolution
  • Product management
  • Marketing research

Roaming Analytics

What all these use cases share in common is a need for fast access to large amounts of data, and the ability to quickly and easily query the data in an iterative process. For example, routine batch reports, even if delivered hourly, will not be sufficient to uncover the root cause of any specific customer care issue. And the capability to access data immediately is exactly what Infobright allows Polystar to deliver to its customers.

Infobright delivered Polystar the capability to access data immediately to its customers.

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