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8 Reasons Why Engineers Want to Embed Infobright

By Tim Tyrrell • January 10, 2017

If you’re wondering how the specs add up, here are 8 reasons why engineers want to embed Infobright.

  1. Power your application with limited hardware and memory requirement.

Infobright can be deployed on machines with as little 8 GB of RAM.  This reduces hardware complexities and makes data easier to manage saving time and money.

  1. SQL compliant

No need for exotic query languages here. The SQL you currently write works with the Infobright engine eliminating costly re-writes and the need to learn a new language.

  1. Easy to use and implement for anyone familiar with traditional databases

In addition to being SQL compliant, Infobright works with standard OBDC connectors which means you can work with MySQL, Postgres, Hadoop, Oracle, SQL Server, MongoDB, Cassandra, etc. making the migration to the new system a snap.

  1. Ingestion engine that scales to support up to 10 TBs of data per hour

If you are working with Big Data, you need a way to get that data in. Multiple Infobright loaders can be run simultaneously resulting in loading up to 10 TBs of data per hour.

  1. Scalable to 150 TBs in a single table

You read that right, up to 150 TB in a single table.  Simple tables structure, ease of management, and faster to load time reduces complex queries and simplifies the database structure allowing you to spend less time fixing problems and more time gaining knowledge from the data.

  1. Compression rates of 20:1 are normal; over 40:1 is possible

Compression algorithms are run on individual columns of data, which allows the Infobright engine to pick the optimized algorithm based on the type data in that column increasing compression and reducing the hardware footprint. .

  1. Metadata design removes the need for Indexes and corresponding DBA Tax

The Infobright Knowledge Grid architecture automatically creates and stores the information needed to quickly resolve these queries through the creation of Data Pack Nodes and Knowledge Nodes allowing end users to directly access simple queries and freeing DBA’s to work on advanced projects rather than create indexes for end user requests.

  1. Experienced technical team to ensure technical fit

Infobright is a database designed for machine generated data.  Our goal in any engagement is to ensure a technical and architectural fit for the environment and use case that Infobright may be deployed in. If there isn’t a fit, we won’t waste your time.

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